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Assalamualaikum ^^,

Hehehe , today .. i gonna tell you my little story , Well . act it's bout HIM . I know , you all mesti ckp 'Arghh why HIM ? ' right ? Hehehe . But , he is everything to me :)
OkayKay , here's the story ..
Today , 'HE' already know that i like him , Want to know how ? not bad .. i just say . ' Yeah i LOVE you , i have a crush on you ! ' HAHAHA . I addmitted it because he force me to :) AIGGOO , will he responds my feeling ? Nahhh i don't think so , Anyway , he's already got a girlfriend . I'm so stupid liking someone olderr .. Eyy ! he sitting for his UPSR , PSRA , why must i like him at this time of the momment ? Don't be so suprised if i'm in a relationship with someone younger #Kidding =P . At first , i just wan't to tell him that i like him .. But ,
no way ! i'm to shy to tell 'oppa' bout this , When he goes offline , i simulated to say that i really LOVE him ==' I'm stupid right ? I kept thinking about it , i have feeling that i don't wanna go to school ,
But , if i was absent .. there's no studies ? i don't want to get in the nomal national school ! I wan't full boarding :) Ahh , whether i want to go or not , i still have to go to school ==' Becuz it's an exam week . AIGOO Okay ! Now i just pretend like there's nothing happend .. pretend to not knowing hmm .. Can i ? HEHE . Argh it's about him , about my senior's , junior's , who do not satisfied with me . That not finished yet , let then seeds me right ? seedes me as much as you want ! seeds me until you satiesfied ! I don't care ~ I am pleased with ALLAH test . Like my mother always say .. ' If you're pleased with the test of God , God will blessed you ' :)


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