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Secret 3#

Assalamualaikum =='

Aiyaiyai ! Sorry guys because i update late today demam lah --' Today i gonna post my third little secret ,
So let's see my third little secret :

Secret Number 3

: I'm like horror story 

Sound stupid ken ? . I'm afraid of dark , but at the same time i like horror story , dosen't matter , is it's a video , film , photos , story , novel , book about paranormal investigation , I just LOVE them . ( it's explain why i kept thinking about ghost in the dark

My favourite horror novel author is JAMES LEE . He's not so popular like J . K . Rowling ( Harry Potter )
But believe me , once i read his book , i will thirst for another in other words , he's book is AWESOME !
that's what happend to me , I'm his kipas susah mati ( Die hards fan ) since i was standart 3 . And his book fill up my bookshelves !

So , Got To Go ThankYou for being loyal reading my blog 

So Let's end up our story with my favourite book 

Supernatural :) 

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