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School !

      Assalamualaikum ^^,

I want to tell a story , ermm , perhaps LOTS . Actually , there's a few girl / boys in my school is not satisfied with me . They have defamed me , not once ! but many times ~ [ suka buad dosa angaknya ] I think they know what the law of defamation  I have heard that they made a false statment that I condemn my senior [ tapi aku buad dunno je ]
because i'm lazy to defend myself , So i let it be . 
My new prinsip :
Butakan Mata
Pekakkan Telingga
Buad Dunno Ajaa 
Kalau na kata berasap mmg berasap niee ! But , what can i do ? Like my mother Always said : ' Sabar je lah biar ALLAH yang balas ' After that , some of them say that i was leck love . HELLO ! 
Please take care of your mouth ! You are human , i am human , we all human ! If we dunno the true story , pliz do not make you own theories Pliz ask me first ! It's considered defamatory u know !
So moral of the story is :
No Need to make your own conclutions , If you dunno anything ! And plizz jgn busy body GILAA ! jagn jaga tepi kain orang ! jaga kain sendiri yang dah kebawah tu Okay ! 

! Sekian terima Kasih !

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