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Gotong Royong xD

Asslamualaikum and hey to all teenagers ,
today our school do some exercise , called mutual cooperation ,
as usual , i will not clean the classroom , BUT !
monitor of school have to clean disipline room :)
quite tired , Okay ! the work has been divided , i took part ...
arrange the suit card , at first , i think it was an easy work , BUT ..
my mind strayed far ! but i don't mind , as long as i can see HIM !
heheheee .. xD
i like when his GENG distrubing us , Yeah .
He just ask me with a few sentences .. like ..
' Hai , what r u doing ? '
i just do my work , and pretend i don't know him ..
from his eyes i can see that he was very sad cuz i don't answer him .
without delay , i persuade him ..
Yeah , and this how i said GOODBYE :)

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