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My Life Full Of Emosional :D

Asslamualaikum , and hey too all my  beloved readers ,
actually .. i wanna tell to all of you bout' my life , Yeah ,
my life full of emosion :) sad , hepi ,
and MORE xD
so keep reading ! and you'll know soon !
Okay , our story start from SAD :(
agony that i have endured , and i will never ,  get it back is ..
my friends , named Danial Rosli From Sekolah menengah Kebangsaa Jalan Reko  , Yeah we are not friends anymore ,
i tried to be his friend again .. but i afraid he'll angry too me , so better i SHUT UP ~
we have been friends almost 2 Years !
and end up like this ? Oh No .. i'll promise i never repeated the same thing Okay :)
The second is , HEPI :)
Ohohoho like , like , likee ! kikikiki
Living in Europe for 3 yearss ! who are not happy ?
my request are filled , who are not happy huh ? tell me !
i came to school EVERYDAY !
i came , i bring a hope :)
i came back , i bring a success  , would you tell me who is not happy
if all of that is hers ?
huhhh .. penat lh saya menaip  , KBai :) hahaha


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