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Secret 2#

Asslamualaikum , Hey Peeps !
We meet again dah sah stalkers ! HAHA ! just kidding ,
Like i promise to you guys , my next secret will be reveal
which means the something that i have kept it so LONG , finally will be known .

Ahh ! Stop the nonsense .

Secret Number 2 

- I'm scared Of Dark 

Hell , Yeah i'm serious . I'm afraid of dark , I'm jz afraid of the dark when i'm alone , If there is a company , the i don't . I start to fear of the dark since my brother is scaring me ! And it getting worst when i grew up =='
The thing that i think of when it's dark is about GHOST . So Hell yeah ghost , ghost , ghost .
If you said that i'm believe in it , HELL NO ! i'm not believe in it , But sadly , i kept think of it 
And for those who studies with me in SRAIBBB , don't you dare scare me after knowing this secret !

Yeah , i do sing when it's dark and i'm all alone So which mean , i'm not celebrate Earth Hour .
Sorry Earthhh ! SO sorry ! It's dark i can't stand on it ~

Conclution : I Slept with light on ! If you want to blame someone ! BLAME my brother ! well , he start it 

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