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Secret 1#

Asslamualaikum ,

Good Evening there , Like i said on previous post , My fisrt secret finally will be
revealed . And for those who read this , you are lucky to know it :)
Haaahhh i'm nervous right now ==' Okay let's get start :

Uhh ! Enough about that = ='

Secret Number 1 

- I'm scared of OKU .

You guys think i'm kidding ? Seriously ! Yeah i know , it's not big deal right ?
But for me , It's too bad ! I have no idea why i'm scared of it ,
And pleasee korang don't you dare scare me after knowing this secret !

There's once tragedy that i will never forget it  is .
when i'm visiting OKU , Uhh ! Ohh . it's not my thing !
Erghh plizz get me outta here . I am the only one who did not interview them ,
Hehe ..

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