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My Little Secret

Asslamualaikum ,

Okay , i planned to tell of u about my little secret since yesterday ,
but NOW i want to tell you about this . Some of my bestfriend maybe 
dunno about this . But some of them are know about this :)
Okay , but i won't tell you now , i will tell you on another post , maybe next week , HEHE ..
depends lah ken ?.  The reason is because ,
i not in mood to typing right now . Like Bruno Mars song , '' The Lazy Song ''

Today i don't feel like doing anything , i just wanna 
lay in my bed , don't fell like picking up my phone , 
so leave a message at the tone , Cause today ,
i swear i'm not doing anything ..

So , about my LITTLE SECRET will be delayed , 
i am so sorry you guys , And Uhh .. Keep reading , and you'll know soon 
So see ya on my next post sorry u guys i am so lazy right now =='

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