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Sweetheart Or Bitterheart ? :/

Assalamualaikum ^^

Awak , saya tahu awak best friend saya . You're the one of those irreplaceable people that many spend years to find , and when they do , there's nothing they could love better than you . You understand me me unlike most people and you're always been by my side through thick and thin . You know my fears , my desires and my deepest darkest secrets . I trust you more than i trust my self , so T H A N K Y O U  so much being my best friend . T H A N K Y O U for accepting me for who i am . T H A N K Y O U for not judging me T H A N K Y O U for correcting my mistake . T H A N K Y O U for EVERYTHING ! I love you , you know that right ? But i can't help but feel at least a little hurt when you hate the people i love . When you saya such a bad things about them , did you think that i didn't feel at least a little offended ? Awak sendiri tahu saya macam mana kan . I can't stop these fake smiles and deceiving lies . You know i hate when it comes to this . Don't make me choose , because if i do i afraid it might not be you . Huh . It' seems like i'm crying over words that's seems mean nothing to you . I can't fully hide my tears that are truer than my words . You know that right ? Huh . without being able to be honest , even if it's painful on the inside , i guess i'll just keep it to myslef and leave the hurt  the way it is . I'm not trying to be noble by sacrifcing myslef and letting myslef to hurt or something . It's just i know i'd be hurting you if i told you this . And i don't want to put you in that situation  . Even you're already done that to me (:

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