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Baby You're Mine !

You're dime , #So beautiful . The top of the line #So unusual . Words can't define , you're running through my mind all day . I'm so happy you're mine #So beautiful . I think it's time , hey shawty i hope you don't take this the wrong way  . Boy you're better with the light off . Hey Batman , what you look so sad for . Sweetheart , you only live one time so put your fantasies on fast foward . Like gone speed me up , gotta deadline cuz you need me done . I hate your type , i love you too i bite your swag cuz i wanna do you . Can you blame me babe ? HAHA , but you can put the blame on me . Seriously miss him so much lah ! but i'm so happy that you're mine . HAHAHA , hold my hand boy i swear everything will doing just fine dear . You're the only one i have no one can replace you baybee . My life won't shine without you , don't believe ? for sure i gonna prove it to you . FYI , those stupid words above are nothing , just for fun cause i got little bored here . Teheeeee ~  OH ! BTW , today is someone special day . HAHA got it ? If you don't never mind , sebab aku pun tak tahu siapa punya hari . AHAHAHA , #kes bila Hannani menggila -.-

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