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Today , i feel like very lazy to go to school . That's why i'm don't want to go to school . Anyway , i feeling like veryy sad , WHY ? Hoho , a good question . ACT , the reason that made me sad is , I watched an old film . What film ? I watched The Titanic , Alaa .. yang pemes tu . Maybe some of you know this movie , some of you are not . Cause , like i said .. it is an old movie . It's a sad movie ,  This story tells about a couple who have to seperated . Cause the ship that they take was sank in the ocean . Seriously , if you all watch that movie .. you would cry . Except you don't have any feeling , Hehehe .That movie teach me about .. Believe , patient , brave , and more . I'm going crazy after watched that movie , make me cry lah . Huhuhu , you know ? the most part that i like is when the girl promise to the boy that she won't let he go , And the boy promise the same to . HAHAHA , the saddest part is .. when the girl safe . She tell everybody that 15000 people was died when Titanic sank , There's 20 body floating nearby .. 6 safe , including her . But , only one came back . I was pretty shock , From 15000 .. only ONE safe ? OMG , Thank god she's the choosen one . You know ? When i finished watch this film , i watched it again and again and again . HAHAHAHA , #kemaruk agaknya budak Nanie ni#  But , the most 'tak boleh bla sekali' the movie's moto is NOTHING ON EARTH COULD COME BETWEEN US . #moto lain takde ke ?# HAHA . Kay , nak masukkan gambar Titanic lak . Asyik cite takde gambar je . ta syok kan ? Hehehe

Hihihi , senagaja masukkan gambar ni ,

15000 died when Titanic was sank .

That's how it sank 

Now , i leave you with this ...

Bai ! Assalamualaikum ^^,

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