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Exam Time ..!

Whoo .. pejam celik , pejam celik ,
dah Ujian ken ? haha
actually .. i hate examination !
mmg siot .. asyik kne study jee ..
i have too study .. to get my own Camera ..
haha xDD
it's easy too talk .. but hard too get .. right ?
my father says .. if i get number ONE 
in a whole school .. he will give me a Own camera *Camera NICON baii
sbb tu lh aku gila streeess ..!
i have too get 5 A in academic subject ..
and 6 M in religion subjectss ..!
if all of you become me ..
korang na study kee .. korang na buad derk jee ?
aku ? Of Cause lh na study *tpy still kat depan PC neh ..!
Okay .. better get going .. kang ade manusia kne makan ngn mak aku ...

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